Registration Deposit

Registration Deposit

This payment is due at the point that any parent formally accepts an offer of a place for their child at the school. It is only refundable in the extreme case where an offer has been accepted by a parent, but the pupil cannot then enrol due to the fault of the school. The registration payment guarantees a pupil’s place at the school and demonstrates the child and their family’s commitment to the school. The fee is refundable at the end of the child’s time at the school (providing all fees and charges have been settled in advance). If a parent is removing their child from the school register, the school must receive a full term’s notice of withdrawal - otherwise, the deposit fee will be forfeited. Furthermore, the deposit will be used by the school as security against any intentional damage to school property by any pupil.
Price: K3,570

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School fee rates and figures apply to all pupils at the Sentinel Kalumbila School in 2020. These fees are subject to review by the Board of Trustees. The school reserves the right to adjust these fees at any time.

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