Low carbon steel Bolts

Low carbon steel Bolts

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Material: Low carbon steel, Medium carbon steel, Alloy steel, Brass, Copper & Aluminum. - Standards: - Indian, British, American, German & Japanese. - Diameter: M4 to M50 (3/16" to 2"). - Length: 5mm to 800mm (1/4" to 32"). - Head Styles: Hexagonal, Round, Square, Flat CSK, Raised CSK, Wild Bolts etc. - Surface Finishes: Gun barrel finish (Heat Treated & Oiled), Zinc Phosphating, Zinc Plating with White, yellow & green passivation, cobalt zinc plating, black anodising etc. - Quality Management: ISO 9002

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Farmtrac tractors from 35 HP to 90 HP engines, standard high-capacity hydraulics, two or four wheel drive, hydro static transmission, Growmore Equipment is a distributor of the Heritage Series of tractors. They also supply various implements including ploughs, fertilizer and seed drills, boom sprayers, trailers and water bowsers.
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