Glyphocure 48% SL Herbicide

Glyphocure 48% SL Herbicide

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Glyphocure 48% SL is a non-selective herbicide, being active only when applied postemergence to undesired plants. The action is slow, the maximum effect is only visible after 2 weeks of application. Irrigation a few days prior to application of Glyphocure 48 SL ensures that weeds are growing actively, resulting in optimum efficacy. do not spray on dormant weeds, and covered with dust or under cold conditions. For the control of annual weeds in bush and low trellised vines older than two years, apply before bud brust. Make sure uniform coverage to achieve the best results. If there is Rain or irrigation within 6 - 8 hours of application then it can reduce Glyphocure 48 SL efficacy on weeds.

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Cure Chem Zambia's agricultural chemicals department is one of their fastest growing departments. The company has registered several insecticides, fungicides and herbicides in partnership with their supplier Messrs United Phosphorus of India, a leading global producer of generic crop protection products and other chemicals.
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