Superfoods Hemp Seeds (Whole)

Superfoods Hemp Seeds (Whole)

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Easily digestible complete protein. For building and repairing tissue. Immune system support. Digestive & colon health. Ingredients: 100% shelled hemp seed. Contains no harmful toxins or THC, and is organic and raw. Directions to use: Shelled hemp seeds have a great nutty flavour. Mix with your favourite smoothie, or sprinkle it on soups, cereals or fresh fruit to add a healthy kick. May be sprinkled over salads too. Hemp milk is a delicious dairy alternative. Blend 1 cup of hemp seeds with 1litre of water adding vanilla and a natural sweetener for flavour. Take 4 tablespoons daily, or more after exercise. Easily digestible complete protein All 20 known amino acids Essential fatty acids For building and repairing tissue Immune system support Digestive & colon health About Hemp: At 35% protein content, shelled hemp seeds are the answer for anyone looking for a raw, vegan and organic muscle builder and energy booster. It is also essential for overall health maintenance as it contains a wide array of nutrients, antioxidants and fibre. Hemp seed contains all 10 essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Shelled hemp seeds contain 35% pure digestive protein, providing readily available amino acids for building and repairing tissue. Hemp seed protein is comprised of 65% high-quality edestin protein, the most potent protein of any plant source, 35% albumin protein and glutamic acid. The globulin edestin in hemp seed closely resembles the globulin in blood plasma and is compatible with the human digestive system. It is vital to the maintenance of a healthy immune system and is also used to manufacture antibodies. Albumin is a protein manufactured by the liver and is supportive of liver and kidney health. The fibre in hemp seed is excellent for maintaining digestive and colon health.
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