Croco d’Oil Pure 100% A Grade Crocodile Oil

Croco d’Oil Pure 100% A Grade Crocodile Oil

Makes skin softer, brighter & younger, has anti-wrinkle properties, lightens skin, controls redness and dryness, for acne and acne related conditions. Good for immune boosting when taken orally. Pure 100% A Grade crocodile oil. Extracted only from the fat found around the heart of a crocodile. Benefits: Used for open wounds, burns, Lacerations and sunburns. Used for acne and skin cancer. Fades surface scares and stretch marks. Can be taken orally as a supplement to boost the immune system(1/4 teaspoon per day in warm water). Can be used for discolorations and pigmentation of the skin(brown spots, darkening freckles, and lines associated with aging) and lightens skin. makes skin softer, brighter and younger. Has anti-wrinkle properties. Controls redness and dryness. Use to ease Eczema, dry and flaky skin. External use: Apply 2-3 timesliberally to the affected area per day. Orally Use:Take a quarter(1/4) of a teaspoon each morning.
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