Eve’s Instant Honeyed Ginger Tea

Eve’s Instant Honeyed Ginger Tea

Assists in enhancing the absorption of food and eases indigestion, general nausea and motion sickness, soothe symptoms of cold and flu, stimulating the immune system. Extra strong foiled sachets. Ginger has been used in the East and West for centuries, both for its therapeutic properties and for its richness in flavour. Health Benefits Assists in enhancing the absorption of food and eases indigestion, a good digestive aid. Assists in alleviating general nausea and motion sickness. Assists in treating mild diarrhoea. Assists in stimulating the immune system. Assists in soothing the symptoms associated with cold and flu. Ingredients: Honey, Ginger and sugar. Directions: Add 1 sachet to boiling water.
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In order to guarantee that their customers were getting the highest quality of popular health products at the best price, Umoyo launched its own range of health products. These products are available at wholesale for anyone who wishes to stock them in a retail outlet.
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