Phyto-Force Raspberry Leaves(Rubus idaeus)

Phyto-Force Raspberry Leaves(Rubus idaeus)

Childbirth, diarrhoea, tonsillitis, sores, mouth inflammation, varicose veins, minor wounds & burns, conjunctivitis. The herbal tea that heals you naturally!!!!! Ideal for: Childbirth preparation( Take in last 3months of pregnancy & during labour to ease labour pains). Diarrhoea Tonsillitis Sores Mouth inflammation Varicose veins Minor wounds & burns Conjunctivitis Directions: 1 heaped teaspoon of herb to 1 cup hot water(not boiling), allow to draw for 10minutes. Add honey if desired. Drink 1 cup 3 times daily. Caution: Not to be taken during early stages of pregnancy.
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