Insecticides - Dy Fly

Insecticides - Dy Fly

Insecticides · Afrivet Zambia Ltd
For the control of adult houseflies associated with animal production, industrial and public health areas. Outside: Abattoirs, animal housing, garbage containers, food processing plants. Around: Industrial sites, feedlot manure, heaps, garbage dumps. Inside: Animal houses ONLY in areas inaccessible to livestock Under: Animal and poultry cages ONLY in areas inaccessible to livestock. Active ingredient: 10g/kg methomyl (an anti-cholinesterase compound)
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Afrivet is the sole distributor of the Ecomed International range of environmental health products, including high quality, environmentally friendly detergents, sanitisers, insecticides and spraying equipment. The company has invested in extensive warehousing to ensure it consistently meets customer needs throughout the country.
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