Nature's Amazing Migrations

Nature's Amazing Migrations

Natural Science · Solomon's Song
A practical tool to learn and get acquainted with nature. In this book, you will discover the sheer magnitude of the journeys endured by some animals that inhabit our planet in them we are able to witness amazing displays of nature. Large and seemingly powerful animals and small and perhaps fragile ones alike must make it to their "promised land". Once again, nature is our teacher. Nature's Amazing Migrations illustrates the exceptional virtues of great inspiration to the reader. Among other interesting facts, you will learn: 1) How animals prepare for the journey they must endure forced to move in search of a better place to live. 2) That accomplishing their objective is never guaranteed. Even when they have the required speed, endurance or the most efficient of senses, there is never room for over-confidence or faltering when encountering obstacles.
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Author: Celedonio Garcia - Pozuelo Ramos

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