Sandy's Creations - Dianthus Pllodian

Sandy's Creations - Dianthus Pllodian

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Dianthus Pllodian flowers are marked, edged, blotched, spotted, or eyed with contrasting colours. In some, the flowers have finely fringed petals. There are also varieties producing blooms in clusters on upright and strong stems. The name pinks doesn't imply only pink colored flowers. They come in a wide variety of colors viz., pink, rose, scarlet, red, crimson, and so forth.
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This garden centre carries a variety of shrubs and trees as well as a large selection of annuals and perennials. Sandy's Creations Garden Centre also stocks hundreds of houseplants, bulbs, aquatic plants, vines, vegetables and herbs. Its signature product is its diverse selection of palms, coming in all shapes and sizes.
Kafue Road, Lusaka
31/32 Farm 4300 Kafue Road, Lilayi, Lusaka, Zambia

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