Your Power To Change

Your Power To Change

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Are you ready to heal your life? Would you love a new you, a new life and a new purpose? Your walk to true success begins here.The secret is: Being yourself. The challenge is: How do you do that? How do you let go of your old thinking pattern that made you want to be somebody you are not and always afraid to be yourself? Your Power To Change answers these questions. The book draws on the ancient truth that your thoughts become your reality—as a man thinketh so is he—to show you: – The thinking pattern (attitude) that leads to being yourself and opens you to your purpose in life – How to be more fully yourself and live it freely and successfully, with new supportive habits – How to make your mind support instead of sabotage your efforts to better your life – How to think your way out of negativity and self criticism into positivity and self appreciation – How to raise your Consciousness and increase your Presence in life It is not enough to think outside the box; get out of the box. Maurice Makalu’s insights from his personal transformation and research will help you get out of your box and begin your own walk to true success today.
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