End Of Kaunda Era

End Of Kaunda Era

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When the results showed on November 1991 that his opponent in the presidential race had won, Kaunda gracefully threw in the towel. The telephone call he made that evening to Frederick Chiluba conceeding defeat earned Kaunda great respect and admiration from his countrymen. What then was Kaunda’s legacy to the people of Zambia? The most important legacy of the Kaunda era is undoubtably the peace and stability that he bestowed on the Zambian nation. Dr Kenneth Kaunda will be honoured forever in the pages of history as the first President of Zambia. “When Kaunda conceeded the Presidency of Zambia to Frederick Chiluba yesterday, he became the first ‘father of the nation’ in Africa to hold an election lose it and give up power peacefully. Others have retired quitely, having handed over power to a chosen successor. Kaunda is the first to risk all in a test of popular opinion” – The Independent
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