Satellite Fixed VSAT

Satellite Fixed VSAT

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Acces IOSAT's VSAT service packages for the most flexible, efficient and affordable communication solutions. VSAT solutions are offered in conjunction with Fiber connectivity or LTE to allow high availability and disaster recovery.

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About VSAT

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a 2-way satellite station enabling internet, data transactions and voice applications. They are used to deliver broadband internet access to sites which cannot get ADSL or Fiber internet access, to mobile sites, remote or rural locations.

VSAT Topologies

Most VSAT networks are configured in one of the following topologies which IOSAT can support.

  • Star topology – Using a central uplink site, such as a Network Operations Center (NOC) to transport data back and forth to each VSAT terminal via satellite
  • Mesh topology – Each VSAT terminal relays data via satellite directly to another terminal
  • A combination of both star and mesh topologies – To minimize the overall cost of the network, and to alleviate the amount of data that has to be relayed through a central uplink site (or sites) of a star or multi-star network

IOSAT Fixed Equipment packages include:

These packages are suitable for companies with multiple remote sites and a large geographical spread both national and international. Packages are flexible and come with site surveys and a service agreement that include equipment, internet connectivity, VOIP communication and Support. They include:

  • 0.7/1.2/1.8/2.4 Meter antenna
  • Feed Ka/KU/C band
  • BUC
  • LNB KU/C band
  • Satellite Modem
  • Router/Firewall
  • VoIP gateway/IP PABX
  • UPS

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IOSAT Communication Services Zambia offers a portfolio of versatile satellite communication services built on field proven best of breed technology. The company also designs and delivers a wide range of networking wireless systems such as WiFi distribution, microwaves links and point to multi-point systems.

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