Wireless PTP/PTMP

Wireless PTP/PTMP

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Access Wireless Point to Point and Point to Multi Point Services from IOSAT. Get a service that ranges from a few hundred meters through to large campus coverage.

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Wireless Point to Point

IOSAT provides Point to Point wireless links in various frequencies that are designed for distances ranging from few hundred meters to 70 Km. RF design programs are used to ensure link stability that withstands any weather conditions.

Wireless Point to Multi Point

IOSAT designs and implements Wireless Local Area Networks distributing internet in hotels, offices or apartment compounds. A wide array of equipment and technologies are used to assure proper coverage and penetration as well as client load balancing.

For Wireless Wide Area Networks such as village or large campus coverage IOSAT offers best of breed beam forming equipment that allows coverage of large areas (up to 2Km) from a single cell. They have developed a standalone power independent outdoor solution that can be deployed in rural areas without the need to connect to any power or backbone cables.

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IOSAT Communication Services Zambia offers a portfolio of versatile satellite communication services built on field proven best of breed technology. The company also designs and delivers a wide range of networking wireless systems such as WiFi distribution, microwaves links and point to multi-point systems.
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