Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions

IOSAT offers a full cycle service helping organisations to protect its people, processes and products (technology). IOSAT help organisations to continuously protect itself against the ever-changing cyber threat. The aim of Cyber Security is to defend the continuous operation of the organisation and support its business goals.

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IOSAT provides the following Cyber services:

• Cyber Audit

• Penetration testing

• Management training and consulting

• Cyber awareness employee training

• Technology consulting and implementation

• Phishing and social Engineering campaign

• Caas – Cyber Officer as a service

• Cyber compliance preparation

IOSAT works with leading Israeli Cyber security partners to provide their customers with the best

professional cyber services, improving their readiness for a Cyber-attack. The IOSAT team keep updated in the ever-evolving world of Cyber threats and technologies so their customers can concentrate on their core business without the fear of losing valuable assets or suffering monetary and reputation losses.

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This company offers an extensive range of IT services including consultation, communication infrastructure, maintenance of computing systems, server management and cloud computing. IOSAT Communication Services Zambia provides dedicated solutions for each customer - depending on its size, needs and unique characteristics.

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