Photographer - Robin Pope

Photographer - Robin Pope

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Robin has lived in Zambia all his life. He founded the photographic wilderness safari company Robin Pope Safaris in 1986 and with Jo (his wife) created safari camps and conducted walking safaris in the Luangwa Valley, Nyika plateau and Liuwa Plains. He is presently a shareholder and safari guide with Robin Pope Safaris and on the Board of African Parks Liuwa.

As Robin says; he excels in operating on foot in the bush where one’s senses are surrounded by and constantly impacted by a phenomenal amount of natural information, tracks, sounds, smells, signals, interactions, sightings, which are frequently inter-related and all requiring identification, interpretation, observation. There is a certain mystique to these experiences that is beyond the obvious In his photographs Robin aims to translate this mystique and beauty into dreamlike works where the subject appears, fragments and reforms in the eye of the beholder.

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The Lightbox Gallery is Lusaka's brand new hub that celebrates photography as an art form. A team of nine photographers bring their own unique vision to their photographic works. They convey their interpretation of the world around them through the moments in time that are captured through their lens.
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