Photographer - Ian Murphy

Photographer - Ian Murphy

Photography · The Lightbox Gallery
Ian studied at the School of Photography in London, where the first-degree course in photography was established. His first job after leaving college was with the Telegraph Magazine and his story got the prestigious front cover.

After establishing a reputation through the Colour Supplements and other Magazines, he moved into the Corporate Sector. He was one of the top photographers in London producing work for some of largest companies in the world that took him to 117 countries. Ian first came to Zambia, the country he now calls home, in 1979. After creating the first pictorial book of Zambia, in collaboration with the Honourable Mark Tambatamba, Ian was offered Honorary Zambian Citizenship by President Kaunda.

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The Lightbox Gallery is Lusaka's brand new hub that celebrates photography as an art form. A team of nine photographers bring their own unique vision to their photographic works. They convey their interpretation of the world around them through the moments in time that are captured through their lens.
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