Dry Construction Mixtures - Decorative Plaster

Dry Construction Mixtures - Decorative Plaster

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Decorative plaster cement binder manufactured with various additives and mineral fillers. It is designed for application of the wall layer of decorative facades of the building.
S-501 25kg

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Decorative plaster can be applied on surfaces from concrete, brick and plastered bases and also for facade thermal insulation systems. Decorative plaster is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Decorative plaster ranging from 1.5 - 3mm thickness and water resistant. No Cracks and no crumbles. It is waterproof and frost proof.

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Garant Zambia produces and supplies only the finest quality adhesives, plaster cornices, decorative beadings, ceiling centerpieces, 3D panels, and other plaster moldings. From the onset, their aim has always been to deliver their services with extreme professionalism and to ensure that all of their customers are left feeling completely satisfied.
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