Casings - French Polony Casings 150 mm X 60 mm

Casings - French Polony Casings 150 mm X 60 mm

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Food Ingredients > Processed Products > Polonies & Loaves > French Polony Casings - 150 mm X 60 mm Plain Red

Further information

Product code: 901212-100

Pack Size: .25 (150 mm X 60 mm )

Shelf Life: 6 Months recommended from the date of production if stored according to storage requirements.


Components used are approved for food contact applications ; This product is compliant with Food Safety legislation in South Africa ; "Stated food safety compliance applies across all food stuff categories ;"No post consumer recycled material is used in this product

Recommended Storage And Handling Conditions

  • It is recommended to store the casing material below 21ºC away from humidity

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