Valdespino Rare Spirits

Valdespino Rare Spirits

Single Malt 20year Old Whisky Limited Batch; Our malt whisky is obtained from the double distillation of malted barley. 80% is originally from Spain, and 20% comes from Scotland. The distillation takes place in copper stills. The spirit ages in sherry casks, previously containing Palo Cortado and Oloroso sherry wines, at Valdespino winery in Jerez de la Frontera. Deep golden straw colour. Intense and fragrant aromas, with an elegant background Tobacco and honey notes. Delicate, cereal an spicy notes on the palate, with plum and Oloros sherry hints. Herbal and oaky aftertaste. This very special Whisky comes from a small solera laid down by the Valdespino family in 1842. It was intended as private stock for consumption only by the family and their friends, but some years after the sale of the firm to Grupo Estevez the latter decided to create the top quality Valdespino Rare Spirits range which includes an old Blended Malt Whisky and an old Rum, both also from Valdespino family stocks.

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Appearance - Light amber with bright golden highlights.

Nose - Fragrant and fresh with a slightly crisp and incredibly subtle almost Cognac character but with more notes of very fine almost dusty oak like a cabinet maker's workshop. It smells quite light yet quite intense with a hint of dried fruits, perhaps apricots and dates, and gentle Sherry note, but this is unlike many Brandies de Jerez which have heavier Oloroso and PX aromas. Instead, it has the elegance and grace only possible with many long years of ageing.

Palate - Light, crisp and very classy with notes of caramel, blonde tobacco and oak. Despite its age, this brandy has comparatively little tannin - with just enough to balance it nicely with a very gentle sweetness giving it a drier, lighter feel than many. It is supremely elegant and lingers for ages on a very satisfied palate. A few drops of water can be helpful.

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