Safari Sultanas Orange River

Safari Sultanas Orange River

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Safari Orange River Sultanas are an ideal snack, adding fuel if you're on the move or a delicious time-out treat. They're a natural sweetener and super tasty addition to savoury sauces, fruitcakes and buns. Safari Orange River Sultanas also add zing and colour to your salads. Naturally a source of fibre, low in fat and high in energy. Safari really is nature's tasty snack...

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Sultanas, vegetable oil (sunflower seed) as a surface dressing.

Energy(kj): 1417 (per 100g); 354 (per 25g)

Protein(g): 3.0 (per 100g); 0.7 (per 25g)

Glycaemic carbohydrate(g): 77(per 100g); 19(per 25g)

Of which total sugar(g): 71.3 (per 100g); 17.8 (per 25g)

Total fat(g): 1.0 (per 100g); 0.2 (per 25g)

Of which saturated fat(g): 0.2 (per 100g); 0.1 (per 25g)

Of which trans fat(g): 0.1 (per 100g); 0.0 (per 25g)

Of which monounsaturated fat(g): 0.6 (per 100g); 0.2 (per 25g)

Of which polyunsaturated fat(g): 0.2 (per 100g); 0.1 (per 25g)

Cholesterol(mg): 5 (per 100g); 1 (per 25g)

Dietary fibre(g): 3.9 (per 100g); 1.0 (per 25g)

Total sodium(mg): 7 (per 100g); 2 (per 25g)

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