Veg Top 24

Veg Top 24

Fertilizer · ETG Inputs Zambia Ltd
As a top fertilizer for fruiting vegetables such as tomato, impwa, eggplant etc. A highly concentrated fertilizer especially suited for high yield vegetables, eg Indeterminate tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, etc

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Price: K61
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Veg Top 24

  • Nitrogen 19%
  • Phosphate 19%
  • Potassium 19%
  • Sulpher 0%
  • Zinc 0%
  • Calcium 0%

  • Dosage - 25gm/Plant
  • Time of Application - During vegetative stage especially for the vegetative stage
  • Use - For better growth during vegetative stage
IngredientsNitrogen 19%, Phosphate 19%, Potassium 19%, Sulpher 0%, Zinc 0%, Calcium 0%

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ETG Inputs Zambia supplies a wide variety of Falcon, Kynoch, Famarama as well as Zambian Fertiliser's range of fertilisers. The bulk of this fertiliser volumes are marketed directly to farmers through ETG warehouses, while a significant percentage is sold to dealers, wholesalers, cooperatives and NGOs. The remaining volumes are imported to fulfill government requirements.

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