Green 2000L water tank.
Black 500L water tank.
Green 3000L water tank.
Green 10000L water tank.
Black 5000L water tank.
Black 200L water tank.
Door frames are building materials were doors is fitted.
These are used as standard steel frames in construction which can be put in different directions.
The tubing square is used as a railing along staircases, fencing around yards to structures of buildings, as well as entry gates and entrances.
The galvanised tubing provides a protective zinc coating that prevents rust. It has excellent strength and durability.
This is a wire used for tying rebars at the joints in construction to keep a structure intact.
Galvanised MS plate sheets are stainless and are of different kinds.
These nails are used for roofing.
The GI roofing corner flash is a material that is installed at the corners of the wall panel.
These are roofing sheets that are designed to cover the CGI sheets at the top of the roof.
These are roofing materials used for Industrial panels, roofing and siding for painting.
This is material used for roofing homes, agricultural and industrial buildings. It is durable and cost effective.
This is the DAYLIFF DSP 3-11 1HP Borehole Pump. It is sold with 50m Cable, Controller, Safety Line and Adapters. The DAYLIFF DSP range of submersible multistage centrifugal pumps is specially designed for borehole supply applications. Sold complete with 50M cable, controller, safety line and adaptors.
The DAYLIFF Electronic Pump Controller is an in-line pump controller for automatic operation by flow sensing and suitable for boosting from header tanks. Features include:- - Starts pump when the flow is sensed (minimum 2.4litres/min) and stops when flow ceases. - Pump stop time adjustable between 10 to 180 secs. - The system is un-pressured in no flow condition so eliminating pump cycling.
The DAYLIFF DPL range of swimming pool pumps are quiet running and reliable products suitable for all domestic pool applications. With power saving variable speed control.
This GWS24 Litre Pressure Vessel is sold with pressure gauge, switch & 5-way connector. DAYLIFF Global Max pressure tanks are comprehensively tested and quality approved by a number of international standards organisations and are also FDA food-grade approved pressure tanks.
The Aqua Cure Brilliant Swimming Pool Floater, 1.2KG kills algae and bacteria and maintains your pool for one month.
The original KLORMAN In-Line unit is an innovative system for continuous, controlled practical dosing of solid chlorine into water systems. It provides safe, easy, and reliable chlorination
BLU52 pool care products provide you with an all-in-one pool maintenance solution, saving you time and energy, giving you more time to enjoy the clear blue water of your swimming pool.