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Like other mushrooms, shiitake aren’t really a plant, but a type of mushroom fungus. Shiitake mushrooms also go by the names black mushrooms, golden oak mushrooms, and dried winter mushrooms. While fresh shiitakes are readily available, the dried kind have an even more intense flavor and so they are sometimes preferred. If used in a soup, dried shiitake can be added directly to the broth, where they’ll soften as the soup simmers. Otherwise, dried shiitakes need to be soaked in hot water before they’re used in a recipe. Product of Thailand.

Mushrooms for sale online in Zambia

This category will help you to shop for a wide variety of wild and cultivated fresh mushrooms of the highest quality and best flavour to supplement your diet. With varying nutritional profiles, mushrooms have several health benefits. They are one of the most health-promoting foods on the planet. Always ensure you buy your mushrooms from reliable suppliers because some wild mushrooms are not edible and are toxic to humans. Zambian sellers listed below always ensure that they always produce and supply mushrooms that will not harm your health.