Weight approximately 800 grams. 80% rye flour, 20% brown flour. 60 grams and sunflower seeds water, spices, salt.
Weight approximately 850 grams. 65% rye flour, 35% bread and brown flour, water, salt, yeast.
Weight approximately 725 grams. 60% rye flour, 40% bread flour, grated coffee beans, vegetable oil, water, yeast, salt, black caraway seeds.
Weight approximately 900 grams. 65% bread flour, 35% brown and rye flour, water and salt.
Weight approximately 850 grams. 60% bread flour, 40% brown, 12% sunflower, lin and sesame seeds, water and salt.
Weight approx 900 grams. 52% bread flour, 48% rye flour, water, salt.
Weight approximately 900 grams. 24-hour cold fermentation. 80% bread flour, 20% rye and brown flour water and salt.
Delicious gluten-free buckwheat bread made from sourdough. It has less starch than ever before and uses cold pressed honey instead of sugar. Ingredients are buckwheat 40%, teff millet, sorghum, rice flour 36%, tapioca and corn flour 17%, soya and lupin beans 4%, salt, honey 750 grams As usual there are no artificial or industrial additives
Stollen with marzipan. 1,100 grams.
Stollen, 1000 grams.
500 grams.
Bursting with Tangy Goji Berries! Soya & Dairy free. Soya & Dairy free. Ingredients: Rolled Oats(gluten), Whole Wheat flour(wheat), Sesame Seeds, Crystalline Fructose, Linseeds, Sunflower Seeds, Goji Berries, Desiccated Coconut, Wheat germ(wheat) and Sea Salt. This delicious, crunchy and chewy mix of cereals and seeds is a real treat and can be eaten for breakfast with your favourite dairy alternative or on its own as a snack. The mix of seeds and whole grains means that energy will be released slowly throughout the day making it ideal for active people! Allergens: Wheat, Gluten and Sesame Seeds. Typical Nutritional Information as packed As packed Per 100g Per 45g serving Energy(KJ) 1472 662 Protein(g) 15.4 6.9 Glycaemic carbohydrate(g) 35.6 16 of which total sugar(g) 14.2 7.8 Total fat (g) 17.3 7.8 of which saturated fat (g) 7 3.1 Dietary Fibre (g) 13.5 6.1 Total sodium (mg) 222 100 Note: This product has been packed in a factory that uses tree nuts and peanuts.
Certified Organic. 6%Acidity
Treat yourself to a refreshing Moringa tea range and enjoy all the teas! 100% natural and caffeine free.
A unique infusion of fruit and spice, this tea will linger on the lips and bring comfort after a busy day. Naturally light in calories but gives you an abundance of energy! 100% natural and caffeine free.
Original Moringa tea has a vibrant green colour and a refreshing aftertaste. Moringa Tea is 100% natural and caffeine free, but promises to give you the boost your body needs.
A zesty tea infused with the potent goodness of lemon and ginger. This is a winner at breakfast and a refreshing drink in between meals. 100% natural and caffeine free.
A refreshing tea that is delightfully healthy too; this Moringa infusion makes for an aromatic journey for the tastebuds. 100% natural and caffeine free.
This Moringa infusion will put a guaranteed spring in your step. It is a firm favourite amongst tea lovers. 100% natural and caffeine free.