Delicious gluten-free buckwheat bread made from sourdough. It has less starch than ever before and uses cold pressed honey instead of sugar. Ingredients are buckwheat 40%, teff millet, sorghum, rice flour 36%, tapioca and corn flour 17%, soya and lupin beans 4%, salt, honey 750 grams As usual there are no artificial or industrial additives
Weight approximately 900 grams. 65% bread flour, 35% brown and rye flour, water and salt.
Weight approximately 850 grams. 60% bread flour, 40% brown, 12% sunflower, lin and sesame seeds, water and salt.
Weight approximately 900 grams. 24-hour cold fermentation. 80% bread flour, 20% rye and brown flour water and salt.
Weight approximately 850 grams. 65% rye flour, 35% bread and brown flour, water, salt, yeast.
Weight approx 900 grams. 52% bread flour, 48% rye flour, water, salt.
Weight approximately 900 grams. 50% organic stone ground whole wheat flour, 30% brown flour, 20% bread flour, malt, water, salt.
Weight approximately 800 grams. 80% rye flour, 20% brown flour. 60 grams and sunflower seeds water, spices, salt.
Artisan needed from homemade sourdough. Free from gluten, soya, yeast, nuts and dairy. No industrial binders, artificial raising agents, no Xantham gum. Made from brown rice flour, pearl/finger millet flour, sorghum flour, starch, sugar, salt, sunflower, sesame, lin- and chia seeds.
Weight approximately 300 grams. 35% stone ground organic bread flour, 65% bread flour, water, salt.
Weight approximately 725 grams. 60% rye flour, 40% bread flour, grated coffee beans, vegetable oil, water, yeast, salt, black caraway seeds.
Stollen, 1000 grams.
Stollen with marzipan. 1,100 grams.
500 grams.
Spiced cookies made from gingerbread. 200 grams.
Unmeltable ice cream cone! This wafer cone is filled with strawberry flavoured or bubble filling, much like an ‘Aero’! with a strawberry casing this is a different, fun, crispy, and sweet treat you have got to try! Product of Thailand
Glico, makers of many other wonderful snack foods. Biscuit Cocoa cookie stick with vanilla milk flavour confectionery. Product of Thailand.