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Parmalat Long Life Milk has been processed at ultra high temperature to extend its life without the aid of preservatives, while retaining its natural good taste
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Parmalat’s 24 Individually Wrapped Cheese Slices offer hassle-free versatility without compromising quality. Each slice is light, smooth, with a creamy texture and full of tangy flavour. This makes them perfect to use in toasted sandwiches, and on hamburgers and fresh sandwiches.
Stock up on butter before these 500-gram blocks fly out of the freezer!
Fresh!! Best cream you've ever tried!

Dairy for sale in Zambia

Obtained primarily from cattle, goats and sheep, dairy products are sources of protein, calcium and vitamins for kids, adults, seniors and athletes. They contain essential vitamins and minerals, including carbohydrates, protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins A, D, B12, riboflavin and niacin. Here, you can shop a wide variety of healthy and fresh dairy products including cheese, butter, yogurt, milk, ice cream, casein, cream and many more. These products are available on both wholesale and retail. Please feel free to ask if your seller of choice also offers delivery services.