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Stoneground. Gluten Free. This cereal product is by its nature gluten-free. Long-grain white rice has been stoneground to produce this fine flour. Recipes with White Rice Flour: Gluten Free White Bread– 2large eggs, 550ml water, 6tbsps fat-free milk powder, 2tbsp oil, 2 tsp salt, 2tbsp castor sugar, 4cups HCW White Rice Flour, 11/2tbsp xanthan gum, 11/2tbsp instant yeast. Mix all ingredients together, and then pour into a bread tin. Allow rising for 1 hour. Bake at 180C for 35-45minutes. Gluten Free Cake Flour-450g HCW White Rice Flour, 100g HCW Potato Flour, 50g HCW Tapioca Flour, 50g HCW Yellow Maize Flour. Mix all ingredients together well and use as a substitute for wheat flour in baking biscuits, cake, muffins, and pancakes. Makes 650g Flour mix. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place and use before the soonest expiry date of all ingredients. Gluten-Free Scones– 21/2cups Gluten-Free Cake Flour(See gluten-free cake flour), 2 eggs, 2tbsp oil, 500ml milk, 4tsp baking powder, 1tsp salt, 1tbsp sugar. Sift dry ingredients together. Beat together the eggs, oil, and milk and stir into the flour. Drop spoonfuls of mixture next to each other on a small pyrex pie dish or place in a muffin pan(preferable). Bake at 200C (Conventional oven) or 180C(fan-assisted oven) for about 10minutes. Makes 12-16 scones. Ingredients: Long-grain white rice. Typical Nutritional Information as packed As packed Per 100g Energy(KJ) 1531 Protein(g) 6.0 Glycaemic carbohydrate(g) 78 of which total sugar(g) 0.1 Total fat (g) 1.4 of which saturated fat (g) 0.4 Dietary Fibre (g) 2.4 Total sodium (mg) 0 Note: This product has been packed in a factory that uses tree nuts and peanuts