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Fund essential food and sanitary items to enable families to stay home for a month. Once you have purchased your chosen Community Care Package using your VISA Card, Mastercard or MTN Mobile Money, select Store Pickup and Lusaka Helps will distribute the care packages to the right people on your behalf. To help your money go further, is not charging a commission for these transactions.

Grocery Packs for sale in Zambia

Some years back, online shopping for groceries was not popular in Zambia. However, since the coming of COVID-19, many have resorted to buying their products online to keep safe. Here, you can shop a wide variety of grocery packs from various suppliers from the comfort of your home. Packs include bathing and washing shops, tooth paste, shampoos, disinfectants, tissue, mealie meal, milk, eggs, biscuits, baking flour, meat, pasta, rice, cooking oil, butter, cheese, jam, sauces, salad dressings, condiments, cereals and more. Stay safe, shop conveniently and say goodbye to carrying lugging heavy bags from the supermarket by shopping from this marketplace.