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Highly pleasant to the senses, especially taste. The best tasting free range chicken drumsticks in the country.
Free range international quality whole duck. Perfect for roasting and special family meals.
Free range international quality duck breast. The perfect tender, juicy meat to impress your guests, easy to prepare and always delicious!
Free range international quality duck legs, they taste great braised in rich sauces, slow cooked or turned into a confit. Perfect for a special meal, or when entertaining guests for a dinner party.
Delicious free range duck liver, rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins including Vitamin A and nine essential amino acids. Perfect for making pâté.
Homemade, perfectly spiced English style pork sausages. The perfect way to start your day, or ideal for a traditional bangers and mash meal. One of our bestsellers.
Our famous homemade Kalimba boerewors, using a secret traditional recipe it is fast becoming Lusaka’s favourite boerewors.
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Fresh tasty beef steak from one of Zambia's leading meat processing brands.
Collagen & Cellulose Casings > Cellulose Casings > Fine AFF 21 Clear
Butchers Requisites > Meat Net > Freddy Hirsch Mesh Meat Net Gauge 24 89cm (+- 5cm)
Butchers Requisites > Meat Net > Freddy Hirsch Mesh Meat Net Gauge 22 75cm (+- 5cm)
Butchers Requisites > Meat Net > Freddy Hirsch Mesh Meat Net Gauge 20 71cm (+- 5cm)

Meat & Poultry for sale in Zambia

Poultry and meat are one of the most important sources of protein for human consumption worldwide. In this category find meat and poultry suppliers in Zambia selling processed meat and poultry products like sausages, beef, offal, T-bone, pork chops, chicken and turkey meats. These products are available on both wholesale and retail. Poultry and meat is a major delicacy in homesteads and even hotels. After beef, poultry is the most consumed meat in Zambia. Today in Zambia, poultry is embraced in almost every household as a source of income and food.