This is a tasty treat full of fibre and antioxidants with a caramel coating.
Peanuts and raising is a simple snack that contains energy, fiber, carbohydrates, protein and fats. Ingredients:Peanuts and raisins
Salt and Vinegar A healthy alternative snack, low in calories and low in simple sugars.
Corn extruded puffs; Emilios is the prefered crunchy snack for all - whether jus chilling at home or with buds at a party. They come in various tantalizing flavours. BBQ Beef, Braai, Cheese, Chicken, Chutney, Mexican Chilli and Tomato
Crunchy chicken flavour peanut snack from Thailand.
Koh Kae is the brand name of a popular peanut snack in Thailand, which are peanuts covered with a crunchy shell. Favorite peanut snack from Thailand.