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The versatility of Coolmax fabrics has made it a popular choice for sportswear, workwear, ready-to-wear, and, of course, hunting gear. The fresh and dry comfort offered, combined with easy-care, ensures that form follows function. Also available in Olive and Black

Hosiery, Stockings & Socks for sale in Zambia

Hosiery, stockings and socks are important for keeping your feet healthy. These are popular and are worn by so many people including school-going children and people who go for work. Not only do hosiery, stockings and socks absorb moisture, but they also help prevent rubbing of shoes on the barefoot. Hosiery, stockings and socks can also provide cushioning to pad the feet and help keep them warm, especially during the cold season. Browse through this category for a variety of hosiery, stockings and socks available in Zambian stores.