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Fine quality square Zambian emeralds.
Oval purple stone - the colour is stunning.
Rectangular brown semi-precious faceted stones.
2.89ct Marquise amethyst in cage setting with split round wire shank in 18kt yellow gold, size N. 3.8g
6.5ct cushion amethyst with 0.05ct diamond set on either side in corrugated bezel setting, trilogy design in size N, made in 18kt yellow gold. 8.01g.
26.04ct Amethyst in cage setting with double claw in 18kt yellow gold, size O. 8.97g
26.24ct and 18.05ct (x3) graduating amethyst, with 7.13tct round amethyst on the side, in pure Zambian silver, gold plated in 18kt yellow gold, 32.62.
49.01ct Amethyst with 22.74ct aquamarine in girdle wrap setting, linked to chain and wire choker, gold plated in 18kt yellow gold. 43.13g
4.69ct Fancy cut amethyst with 1.76ct citrine set at the top in 18kt yellow gold cage setting with stiff bail. 3.19g.
4.75ct Round Amethyst set in twisted 18kt yellow gold girdle wrap with link and split bail. 2.73g
8.65cts Aquamarine in cage setting linked to 5.97cts aquamarine in a cluster design, 18kt yellow gold. 7.69g.
3.87ct Trillion aquamarine in a three claw setting surrounded by 24 of 0.03ct diamonds in a pave setting, with split shoulders in size M, in 18kt yellow gold. 9.81g.
75.74ct Citrine in 18kt yellow back setting with links and clasp. 47.58g.
20.67ct Citrine in 18kt yellow gold girdle wrap setting. 8.9g.
14.39ct oval citrine in twisted girdle wrap setting with link and twisted bail in 18kt yellow gold. 6.49g.
26.06ct Citrine in 18kt yellow gold, girdle wrap setting, with 0.o8ct diamonds in pave on hooks in 14kt white gold. 6.9g.