Classic wedding rings for women with gold and embedded diamond.
Unique gold diamond embedded wedding ring for wowen.
Gold leafed wedding rings for men.
Platinum wedding rings for men.
Fabulous gold wedding rings for men.
Stunning men's gold linked ring.
Men's rings, aquamarines set in diamonds.
Men's rings, aquamarines set with diamonds.
Ring with aquamarines and a set of diamonds.
Ring with oval tourmaline and a set of diamonds.
Ring with round tourmaline and a set of diamonds.
Ring with tanzanite and a set of diamonds.
High quality emerald with diamond ring.
Dazzling ring with tourmaline and a set of diamonds.
Stunning ring with an emerald and set of diamonds.
Breathtaking pendant necklace made of aquamarines and diamonds.
Dazzling earrings with aquamarines and 3 diamonds.
Pendant necklace with diamond.
Unique earrings with oval aquamarines and diamonds.
Necklace made of pendant teardrop emerald on diamonds.
Emerald and diamond gemstones for making fashionable bracelets and bangles.
Dazzling earrings made of aquamarines and diamond gemstones.
Earrings made of tourmalines and diamonds.
Earrings made of emeralds and diamonds.