The UXV 700i model comes equipped with premium Kaifa gas-reservoir shocks, a standard feature rarely found on a base model, providing sure-footed handling in rough terrain. Steel braided brake lines ensure positive brake response without the brake fade that can be experienced with standard rubber brake lines.
The UXV 450i provides excellent performance through the RPM range, from low end pulling power to top speed. In addition to the popular bench seat, this compact utility vehicle is loaded with various special features such as multiple storage compartments, 12-volt DC charging port, and safety side nets. Conveniently fits into most full-sized pickup trucks for easy transport.
The MXU 700i model is feature-rich with 4-wheel independent suspension, on-demand 2wd/4wd drive system, multiple storage compartments and a USB charging port. Traverse the most demanding terrain in customized riding comfort. In addition. Provides safety features to further protect the riders and their belongings. an extra safe combined braking system and an anti-theft lock for the steering.
This mid-sized base model is fully loaded with more special features than most ATVs on the market. The 4-wheel independent suspension and on-demand 2wd/4wd drive system make this vehicle “the-go-to” vehicle to take you everywhere.
The MXU 270 gives the transitional rider the confidence for work or play. This versatile, low maintenance vehicle now has the added security. The anti-theft steering lock protects riders and their belongings.
Utilitarian yet fun, this versatile and low maintenance ATV is perfect for a transitional rider who knows how to work and play. Cargo racks and tow hitch help you get the job done and play in the mud after.
The perfect sized Y-12 model for the average height and weight of a young rider. This vehicle is equipped with the power demanded to easily traverse obstacles and manoeuvre through the roughness encountered on trails.
An ideal combination of power and fuel efficiency, Boxer 150 churns 12 Ps power at 7500rpm and a torque of 12.26Nm at 5000rpm.
A bike that stays strong and takes all the load with ease.
This 109cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine delivers 8PS of power at 7500rpm and 9Nm of torque at 5500rpm.
For a perfect bike choice, buy the Royal Enfield Himalayan Grey.
Bajaj RE 4S cargo comes with twin spark 4 stroke engine which leads to better pickup, drive ability and load bearing capacity.
Bajaj RE 4S is the leading model for the RE portfolio. It’s an ideal mix of practicality coupled with load ability.
Tuffstuff battery acid is sold in 750ml plastic bottles, 2.5 litre plastic containers, 5 litre plastic containers, 20 and 25 litre plastic containers on request.
Tuffstuff battery water is sold in 750ml bottles, 2.5 litres and 5 litres containers and 25 litre containers on special request.
Radiator Coolant is packed in a 1 litre container.
The new dual winged front grille, the distinctive gun metal finish alloy wheels, the signature waterfall LED tail lamps and kayak roof rails are complemented by crimson-black interiors.