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The MXU 700i model is feature-rich with 4-wheel independent suspension, on-demand 2wd/4wd drive system, multiple storage compartments and a USB charging port. Traverse the most demanding terrain in customized riding comfort. In addition. Provides safety features to further protect the riders and their belongings. an extra safe combined braking system and an anti-theft lock for the steering.
This mid-sized base model is fully loaded with more special features than most ATVs on the market. The 4-wheel independent suspension and on-demand 2wd/4wd drive system make this vehicle “the-go-to” vehicle to take you everywhere.
The MXU 270 gives the transitional rider the confidence for work or play. This versatile, low maintenance vehicle now has the added security. The anti-theft steering lock protects riders and their belongings.
Utilitarian yet fun, this versatile and low maintenance ATV is perfect for a transitional rider who knows how to work and play. Cargo racks and tow hitch help you get the job done and play in the mud after.
The perfect sized Y-12 model for the average height and weight of a young rider. This vehicle is equipped with the power demanded to easily traverse obstacles and manoeuvre through the roughness encountered on trails.