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Tuffstuff battery acid is sold in 750ml plastic bottles, 2.5 litre plastic containers, 5 litre plastic containers, 20 and 25 litre plastic containers on request.
Tuffstuff battery water is sold in 750ml bottles, 2.5 litres and 5 litres containers and 25 litre containers on special request.
Radiator Coolant is packed in a 1 litre container.
Professional cooling system leak repair. Repais cracks in cylinder heads, engine blocks & gaskets
Total cooling system leak repair. Stops all leaks in engine block,cylinder head, radiator, hoses
Promotes complete petrol combustion while cleaning carbon deposits from the upper cylinder preventing preignition and engine run-on. Ideal to use in engines which are not run regularly to avoid fuel deposits and carbon build up caused by contamination and adverse effects of fuel degradation.
A product suitable for petrol or diesel engines developed to absorb water from the fuel system. Fuel is hygroscopic by nature meaning it attracts water from the atmosphere causing corrosion, micro-organism growth and poor engine operation.
Designed to dissolve high-temperature petrol deposits on the injector pintle, keeping injectors clean and lubricated. Removes water from the fuel system, restores efficient fuel delivery and is safe to use with all fuel system components including high-pressure direct injection, catalytic converters and O2/ lambda sensors.
An emission-free, environmentally friendly, lead substitute solution to protect the older vehicle when running on unleaded petrol. Valve Guard will prevent valve seat recession, free sticky valves and lubricate the upper cylinder improving general performance.
Wynn’s Fuel Stabiliser is a petrol & diesel fuel additive to prevent fuel from degrading when a vehicle is not in use for extended periods of time, or when stored. Ideal for recreational vehicles, generators, mowers, boats, bikes, emergency equipment classic and hybrid cars, etc
Power Boost is a catalytic converter safe, octane enhancing additive for high-performance petrol engines with knock sensor technology. The increased octane provides more power than would be delivered using standard fuel.
A complex blend of selected cleaning agents formulated to accumulatively clean the entire petrol fuel system removing all lacquer, gum and resin deposits associated with petrol engines. Wynn’s Fuel System Cleaner is ideal for the carburettor, multipoint/ indirect injection or inlet induction systems where the air/fuel mixture leaves gum and resin deposits in the inlet manifold.

Car Care & Cleaning for sale in Zambia

Caring and maintaining your car is the most important factor in ensuring that it enjoys a long and healthy life. Some repairs to your car are inevitable as it ages due to regular wear and tear. However, by caring for and maintaining your car properly, many repairs can be minimised or even eliminated altogether. There are various types of car care and cleaning products that are necessary in order to keep your car fit and healthy. Examples of car care and cleaning products include fuel stabiliser, fuel system cleaner, radiator coolant, car shampoo, wheel cleaner, to mention but a few. Browse through this category for various affordable car care and cleaning products available in Zambian stores.