Off-road tyres and rims from leading manufacturers including Mickey Thompson, Cooper Tyres and Dick Cepek. Made with strong sidewalls and angles, they ensure less noise.
Diameter: 15, 16, 17; Tyre conform to and grabs obstacles in aired-down driving; Super-tough sidewall minimizes cuts and bruises; Large sidewall lugs improve traction in soft soil conditions Krawler-inspired tread design for incredible on-off road performance.
Amongst the off-road crowd, the All-Terrain series is legendary thanks to MMA fighter-like toughness and traction. Goodrich’s off-road racing tire, long treadwear life and peerless off-road traction. The blocky serrated shoulder and shoulder lugs provide soft soil, rock and deep traction.
The mixed surface KO2 features total versatility for maximum driving pleasure on all surfaces with a wide grooves
Opona Bf Goodrich 235/85R16 Mud Terrain T/A KM2
CoreGard Technology: Tougher Sidewall Rubber: Split & bruise resistant sidewall rubber, derived from BFGoodrich's race proven Baja T/AKR2 tire. Thicker, Extended Shoulder Rubber: Increased rubber thickness, extending down the sidewall to protect more of the critical sidewall failure zone. Advanced Deflection Design: Computer predicted object path design deflects protruding objects from snagging & splitting the sidewall.