With a globally respected reputation for reliability and endurance, the HIACE Commuter combines functionally elegant design with a complete range of practical and convenient on board cabin appointments. Whether you use it for business or pleasure, it offers every person aboard a comfortable rite for the duration of their journey. With a lineup that includes Wide & Super Long and Standard & Long body styles, it's easy to experience the unique HIACE performance that is known and loved worldwide.
Blending science with art, Toyota created a comfortable and roomy interior that everyone in the Coaster will enjoy. The ceiling was set high to ensure generous headroom and contribute to a feeling of spaciousness. Big windows were placed all around to create an atmosphere that is bright and airy. The large, functional seats were designed to be as comfortable as they are attractive. Thanks to a board, flat floor and single legged seats, there is plenty of room to stretch legs as well.
Unisex Balloon Bicycle
City Cruiser Bicycle
Children Bicycle, Size 12”
Children Bicycle, Size 20”
Vehicle Size(H*W*L) : 2100*960*2070mm The Packing Size : 1030*960*800mm Box Size : 970*990*900mm Maximum Load : 200kgs Weight : 78kgs Front Wheel Size : 20inch Rear Wheel Size : 20inch Colour : Red/Grey/Silver Model : BD/BC-108 Input Voltage : 12V/24V Capacity : 108Litre Product Size(mm) : 580*520*834mm Carton Size(mm) : 620*580*885mm N.W./G.W.(KG) : 35/37 Temperature Range : 18 degree Model : BD/BC-158 Input Voltage : 12V/24V Capacity : 158Litre Product Size(mm) : 750*555*850mm Carton Size(mm) : 787*577*882mm N.W./G.W.(KG) : 38/42 Temperature Range : 18 degree Model : BD/BC-208 Input Voltage : 12V/24V Capacity : 208Litre Product Size(mm) : 906*520*834mm Carton Size(mm) : 946*580*885mm N.W./G.W.(KG) : 43/46 Temperature Range : 18 degree
This is a bike with a simple lightweight classic frame for enhanced riding comfort, for basic city riding and getting the odd stuff from the corner shop. This is the perfect cycle.
The Hercules Rhino bike comes with a stylish yet very strong frame and is designed to carry the load and also give a comfortable ride. Its super stylish and yet very functional.
The Hercules Brut Plus RF 26” has a heavy duty stylish frame in the form of a stance of bull. It has an end bar which enables riders to ride the bicycle with more ease. It also has an integrated steady carrier with a load-bearing capacity of up to 30 kg. It has a 1.2 mm thick moulded natural rubber tube for longer life in the bicycles It also has a saddle with foam for better rider comfort and longer life.
The Ladybird EX has a parallel-bar frame with thin tyres and big saree guard. It has a low step - through a sturdy frame and a wire - mesh utility font basket.
AXN Dx is for those consumers who like tall boy design. The bike comes in exciting shades, calliper brakes, turbo-drive and comfy saddle. It has a strong and elegant frame.
Capacity 3000, 4000 & 5000 litre.
Capacity 5 metric ton, 9 metric ton, 12 metric ton.
Capacity 5 matric ton, 9 matric ton, 12 matric ton.