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From $118,000. Blending science with art, Toyota created a comfortable and roomy interior that everyone in the Coaster will enjoy. The ceiling was set high to ensure generous headroom and contribute to a feeling of spaciousness. Big windows were placed all around to create an atmosphere that is bright and airy. The large, functional seats were designed to be as comfortable as they are attractive. Thanks to a board, flat floor and single legged seats, there is plenty of room to stretch legs as well.

Minibuses for sale in Zambia

Listed in this category are Zambian companies that sell a wide selection of brand new and used minibuses. From schools, companies, bus operators, community transport organisations and individuals to name but a few, car sellers here are able to supply. Some of them offer tailor made finance packages to suit all requirements and budgets. Most brand new buses come with a warranty and free servicing for a certain period depending on the seller. Vehicle delivery can be arranged for most places throughout Zambia and the region (Terms and Conditions apply).