Capacity 3000, 4000 & 5000 litre.
Capacity 5 metric ton, 9 metric ton, 12 metric ton.
Capacity 5 matric ton, 9 matric ton, 12 matric ton.
Browse F‑PACE’s line-up and discover your perfect combinations of performance, style and practicality.
An exhilarating drive, contemporary craftsmanship and everyday practicality are standard. So, which member of the E‑PACE family will you choose?
Be it luxury or sporting style, efficiency or performance ‐ each model places different emphasis on the unique Jaguar qualities of XE. View the range and decide which XE is right for you.
Jaguar sporting performance, cutting-edge technology and contemporary craftsmanship across the range.
Stylish, tough and practical, personalise your Range Rover further with a choice of exterior and interior accessories.
Stunning design, breathtaking performance and advanced technology. The F‑TYPE range offers a breadth of capabilities to suit the demands of the road, the conditions and the driver.
With an all-aluminium body and true Land Rover capability at its heart, the Range Rover delivers incredible off-road performance with an impressive wading depth, raised air intake and class-leading departure angles.
Range Rover Sport truly justifies the ‘S’ in SUV. Taking the Land Rover model range to another level, it is the most agile, dynamic and responsive Land Rover ever.
Simplicity that exudes confidence and individuality. Range Rover Velar leads the way in progressive design. Clean, elegant and distinctive, the vehicle has a striking, contemporary presence. Wherever you go in Range Rover Velar, eyes will follow.
The continuation of Land Rover's design philosophy. With its distinctive coupé-like silhouette, Range Rover Evoque is a compelling successor to the vehicle that captured hearts all over the world.
Discovery’s form, function and exemplary levels of finesse are brought together to help create one of Land Rover’s most compelling vehicles to date. Its inherent strength and off-road capabilities are matched only by its bold contemporary looks and alluring touches of luxury.
Browse XJ's line-up and discover your perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, sporting vehicle dynamics, and opulent luxury.
With a sliding second row that can offer similar legroom to a Range Rover, and a third row you can adapt the space to meet loading or seating needs, Discovery Sport is Land Rover's most versatile compact SUV.
Emergency puncture repair kit
Total cooling system leak repair. Stops all leaks in engine block,cylinder head, radiator, hoses
Professional cooling system leak repair. Repais cracks in cylinder heads, engine blocks & gaskets
Brake pads comply to OEM standard for safety and reliability. High-grade materials that can be relied upon to master even extreme loads. On full braking, the braking power is several times greater than the engine power. Temperatures in excess of 750° C can then occur between the pad and the brake disc. Only the absolute top quality is able to withstand such extreme thermal and mechanical stress over the course of time
GUD oil filters ensure better engine protection by filtering out contaminants, ensuring clean oil continuously flows through the engine. GUD manufactures single and dual cartridge spin-on oil filters of varying diameters and heights. These filters use single-layer, multi-layer paper, or felt media, and are powder-coated, providing maximum corrosion protection for the filter.
Featuring high efficiency media, these filters are used on petrol fuel injection engines to aid in the finer filtration required for the tight tolerances on modern engines. GUD manufactured fuel injection filters are either seamed or welded aluminium housings, which are extruded and machined in-house. All plastic and metal components are also manufactured in-house.