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Blite 3 way power extension works in homes, offices and public spaces. It protects your appliances while giving you the convenience you need.
Protect your appliances by using the blite 5 way power extension which works in homes, offices and public spaces.

Electrical Plugs & Sockets for sale in Zambia

Designed to provide power to electrical appliances and devices, electrical plugs and sockets are a fundamental part of every building. Here, you can shop an extensive range of industry leading domestic and industrial electrical plugs as well as sockets from various Zambian suppliers of electrical equipment and accessories. Available are 3 and 5-way power extension sockets, wall switches, 2 gang sockets (double sockets), and electrical plugs. All products listed here are from trusted trade brands and come in a wide variety of colours, finishes, profile types and wall socket styles. Feel free to find out if your seller of choice also offers installation services or can recommend skilled electricians to do the job professionally.