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Power meters are part of the toolbox essentials for all technicians installing or maintaining any type of fiber networks. There are general-purpose power meters, semi-automated ones, as well as power meters optimized for certain types of networks, such as FTTx or LAN/WAN architectures. It’s a matter of choosing the right gear for the need. In-Line Optical Power Meter Option Some OTDRs are also equipped with the in-line optical power meter option.
Innovation is front and center at EXFO, and the iOLM is a prime example of a game-changing solution. The iOLM lets you take advantage of the full power of your OTDR, bringing automation to a new level—and enabling even the untrained technician to become a test expert in no time.
OTDRs are at the core of EXFO’s optical expertise. Leading the OTDR market with a 48% market share and the broadest OTDR portfolio, EXFO offers an OTDR built smart for any type of network. Based on field knowledge and 20 years of OTDR expertise this is in line with our goal to bring the world class telecommunication solutions to Zamba. EXFO’s OTDRs are designed to meet network operators’ latest requirements. Combining intelligence and accuracy with user-friendliness, our solutions require minimal training and provide you with measurements you can trust, minimising truck rolls and accelerating workflow in the field. With numerous singlemode and multimode configurations available at several wavelengths, our OTDRs come in handheld or modular formats.
EXFO Multilink connects multiple users to multiple EXFO modules and multiple LTB-8 platforms remotely through a web browser. Two configurations available - standalone or managed infrastructure for simultaneous multi-user control. Centralised management with global view of all platforms and modules without an external server. Powerful, scalable, eight-slot rackmount platform. Web based GUI viewer with no software installation required. Hot swappable enabling quick transition of modules from platform to platform, or from rackmount platform to portable platform without powering down. Detailed management information with status and allocation information per user.
A true one-box workstation for lab and manufacturing testing. It combines optical, transport and datacom in a single platform environment.
Windows based. Compact with a powerful processor. Ethernet remote control. Touchscreen display. Compatible with the industry's leading and fully automated fibre inspection probe FIP-400B.

Other Electrical Equipment for sale in Zambia

Electrical equipment includes anything used, designed to be used, or installed for use, to conduct, control, convert, distribute, generate, measure, provide, rectify, store, transform, or transmit electrical energy. Electrical equipment, as well as power management supplies, can be used to run equipment and install electrical systems into buildings. Wires, fittings, and switches are necessary for making repairs to electrical systems. Circuit breakers, pushbuttons, and other electrical parts can be used to create electrical components. Portable power supplies keep job sites up and running when wired electricity is not available. Browse through this category for various electrical equipment available in Zambian stores.