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Engineered to meet your high-security application needs, the ZXP Series 9 lets you produce photo-quality cards quickly and reliably.
The Zebra ZXP Series 8 printer is ideal for printing on smart cards, or for when the application calls for very high image quality or cards that are more durable and abrasion resistant.
The ZXP Series 3 is an ideal solution for low- to medium-volume single or dual-sided printing applications that require minimal operator training and excellent print quality.
Ideal for low-volume, single-sided card printing applications in color or monochrome, the ZXP Series 1 offers a complete card printing solution with a minimal upfront investment.
Maximize productivity and increase ID card issuance efficiency with the industry-leading features of the Datacard® CD800 card printer.
Increase productivity and save work time by issuing secure, two-sided ID cards and badges with the Datacard® SD360 card printer.
Save time and increase workday efficiency with the Datacard® SD260 card printer, ideal for many ID card issuance and badging applications.
The affordable and efficient Datacard® SD160TM card printer offers the right combination of technologies to meet a wide range of application requirements.
The Fargo HDP5000 card printer uses retransfer printing technology to produce superior print quality, reliability, durability and security for your ID card printing program.
Great for producing low-volume ID badges that need mag stripe or smart card security features.
Mid-level card printer with a modular design that can be upgraded as needed.
With the FARGO® DTC4500e plastic card printers and encoder, you get professional quality, full-color credentials.

Printers for sale in Zambia

The development of printing has made it possible for us to do so many vital things such as reading books on hundreds of various subjects, magazines and newspapers. Printers differ in size, speed, style and cost. More expensive printers are used for higher-resolution printing. A printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper. Printers have advanced over the years, you can use them for other things such as scanning, copying, printing out high-quality photos and much more. Browse through this category for various printers available in Zambian stores.