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60 litre safe weighing 350kgs
200 litre safe weighing 775kgs
36 litre safes weighing 150kgs. They come with either a drop in slot or a chute which is ideal for places like filling stations, or the ordinary type which anyone can use, depending on the preference of the client.
36 litre safe
140 litre weighing 750kgs
Custom made 60 litre safe weighing 350kgs

Safes for sale in Zambia

Having a safe in your office or home can give you peace of mind. You will know that your valuables are secure while you are away. Below, is a wide selection of security safes that are suited for everything you need to contain including documents, money, jewellery and guns. How do you know which safe is right for you? If you love high-tech products, a biometric fingerprint safe is perfect. If you are looking for something simple, a key safe will do the job. Browse through the list of Zambian companies that manufacture and distribute high-quality safes. When you invest in a safe, you can count on your valuables and dangerous items such as guns and hunting knives staying right where you left them.