This powerful scent is composed of the freshness of lemon and fig leaves blended with the divine notes of Ylang Ylang, Jasmin and orange blossom, supported by the elegant complexity of Tonka beans, amber and white musk.
The strength of this fragrance is found in the freshness of lemon and bergamot notes, blended with perfumed clouds of coconut and jasmin. Base notes of vanilla and smooth Sandalwood provide warmth and an enchanting effect.
This exciting feminine fragrance awakens the senses with its notes of wild strawberries and juicy apples, harmonised by the delicate notes of rose petals and yellow peaches, all displayed on a silky and sophisticated layer of Tonka Beans and crystal musk.
This fresh and intoxicating fragrance arises from the arrangement of lemon and bergamot which are blended with the strong notes of lavender and honeysuckle. The bottom note of oakmoss and those of cedarwood give a velvety, bewitching effect.
This fragrance finds its intensity in the notes of bergamot and mandarin, blended with the freshness of marine notes and delicate geranium, whose base note offers enchanting sophistication through oakmoss, Sandalwood and the sensuality of amber notes.
A fresh, masculine fragrance having notes of bergamot and pear, combined with the revitalising notes of ginger, balanced by the harmonious sensuality of Sandalwood.
Notes of green pears and red fruits accompanied by a delicate rose and petals of white flowers.
A subtle combination of flowery and wood scents which evoke the freshness of summer by its fresh notes of lemon and apple, followed by the delicate notes of rose and jasmine which breath femininity.
A combination of vanilla and violet with the elegant touches of rose and iris. The seductive notes of Tonka beans and musk gives this fragrance a very enchanting character.
A bold fragrance with fresh and spicy notes based on lemon and pepper.
An empowering fragrance that offers the fresh notes of melon and cucumber blended with aromatic basil; all balanced by the woody notes of patchouli which gives depth.
This exclusive and stimulating aroma harmonises tastefully with the exhilarating notes of grapefruit and lemon with the refreshing inclusion of rosemary and lavender. For a unique and unparalleled freshness.
A voluptuous floral arrangement nestling under the elegance of delicate musk pays homage to Magnolia. Subtle notes of citrus support its noble and unique character, a hymn to femininity.
A fragrance that attracts others reveals the charisma of the person wearing it. Its sensual and reassuring notes of moss and patchouli illustrate its intense masculinity. The fresh and aqueous aspects enhance this harmony with energy and vitality.
A timeless and sophisticated masculine fragrance that reveals an intensely aromatic heart of lavender and sage. This freshness is accompanied by an elegant cedarwood, married to a facet of warm and reassuring amber. A touch of leather perfects this essence ensuring easy attractiveness.
A delicately tinted balm which combines lip care and a fruity palate. It has a melting texture and subtle hints of red fruits. Gives soft and luscious lips throughout the day.
Reduces itchiness and contact irritations; Soothes the skin; Gives a stimulating and refreshing effect
Ideal after sport to eliminate impurities and deeply cleanse the skin; Moisturises the skin and gives a sense of freshness that lasts; The skin is healthy and moisturised
Quickly alleviates all types of muscular and joint pains Soothes headaches and clears the respiratory tract (only with the balm) Prepares the muscles before physical effort Relaxes the muscles after physical effort
When modernity meets elegance...with subtle bergamot and exhilarating marine freshness, this fragrance revisits refinement and vitality. Seductive Tonka beans and intense vetiver gives it its unique character, giving the essence of modern man.
Soft yet intense, this fragrance reveals notes of succulent raspberry and velvety violet. A real indulgence for the senses. Its woody signature delivers charismatic sandalwood that is harmoniously married to sensual vanilla.
A formula that is rich with Argan oil with nourishing and restorative properties. A daily treatment for dry lips giving long-lasting hydration. Coconut oil for velvety lips, with a delicate scent.
A balm specially designed for men which is discreet and without gloss. With its comfortable texture, it protects and hydrates throughout the day. A rich formula with an ultra-light finish to nourish and keep your lips supple.
Instantly eases the burning sensation after shaving and diminishes redness Helps to prevent irritations and shaving pimples Gives a comfortable sensation without leaving a greasy or sticky residue behind