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Neck and shoulder relaxer traction device for pain relief management and cervical spine. Chiropractic pillow - cervical neck pillow to help ease neck pain shoulder pain
Traction has a reputation as being an effective way to treat neck pain, and doctors use cervical spine traction to treat different causes of neck pain. The stretching is believed to help relieve sprains and spasms of the neck muscle.
Chest and back correcting training device rehabilitation
Used for correcting gesture / posture;
This diagnostic unit is useful for the treatment of muscle weakness, functional paralysis resulting from traumatic experience.
Physical therapy equipment for treating broad range of disorders.
Suction may be used to clear the airway of blood, saliva, vomit, or other secretions so that a patient may breathe.
Suctioning can prevent pulmonary aspiration, which can lead to lung infections.
Aspirators, also known as suction machines, are medical devices used to extract mucus and other fluids from an individual.
Suction is also indispensable to clear the airway of blood, mucous, vomitus or other obstructing material.
Suction machines are used for respiratory therapy or care. These machines offer variable controlled suction to remove fluid from airways.
A cervical collar, also known as a neck brace, is a medical device used to support a person's neck. It is also used by emergency personnel for those who have had a traumatic head or neck injuries.

Physical Therapy Equipment for sale online in Zambia

The range of products of physiotherapy equipment includes shortwave diathermy, ultrasound therapy, portable ultrasonic therapy, cervical traction, lumbar traction, traction table, interferential therapy, transcutaneous electrical muscle stimulation, muscle stimulators, surgical diathermies and much more. Physical therapists use exercise equipment like bikes and treadmills. In addition to exercising the affected area, a physiotherapist may treat it with heat or cold, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, massage, and even aquatic therapy exercise in a swimming pool.