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Gypsum plaster is made of high quality white gypsum with chemical and polymer additives.
White gypsum-based Garant multi-finish plaster for indoor walls and ceilings in dry conditions is made of high quality gypsum with mineral filter and polymer additives.
Garant cove bond is a gypsum plaster based product. It is specially formulated for bonding gypsum cornices to fibrous plaster, plasterboard and interior masonry surfaces.
Gypsum mould is used in the manufacture of all moulded products including ceiling tiles, interior air vent, center moulds, beadings and gypsum cove cornices.
Garant waterproof is a two-component cement-based brushable sealing slurry product: Component A is a mortar based on a mixture of special cement, additives and well-graded fillers and component B is a liquid-based on the special synthetic resin. Garant waterproof is a coating with flexible and waterproofing properties that adheres to practically every surface block, etc. Once applied and cured, Garant waterproof is coated against positive and negative pressure for concrete, masonry, blocks, pre-fabricated panels and bricks, it provides a non-toxic, flexible and waterproof coating that adheres to those common substrates in construction such as concrete, natural and artificial stone, traditional mortar plasters, bricks, concrete blocks.
Decorative plaster cement binder manufactured with various additives and mineral fillers. It is designed for application of the wall layer of decorative facades of the building.