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Quality, creative, internal steel fixtures. Bespoke designs made to order, for interiors like stairs, railings, windows, doors and any exterior metal works you need.
Quality creative external metal fixtures. Bespoke designs made to order, for balconies, railings, stairs, gates, fencing and any exterior metal works you need.

Construction for sale in Zambia

Construction in Zambia is lead by the demand of the mining industry, shopping centres, infrastructure development, residential buildings and offices. The Zambia real estate and construction sector is growing in Zambia. Construction products, the manufactures and suppliers in Zambia form and define Zambia's ‘built environment’, enabling Zambian everyday life. Find these supplies here, the products and materials necessary to build and refurbish homes, offices, shops, roads and railways, schools, hospitals and everything in-between. It’s the roof over your head and the floor under your feet; the walls in every room together with the insulation and heating systems that keep those rooms comfortable; it’s bathroom fixtures and kitchen worktops; pipes that bring water and sealants to prevent leaks; the doors to lock and the windows to see out; it’s the foundations, frames and fabric for every building, every street and every structure around you; and, the paints to colour it all. All of this is produced and supplied here in Zambia by a highly skilled, innovative workforce using advanced, sustainable methods, supporting the Zambian construction industry.