Complete with 1000m dripline filter and connectors
Rotor, Saturn Rotor, Slim Body Spray ,4 and 6 Station Controller, Solenoid Valves. Irrigate your lawn the professional way with sprinklers that pop up out of the ground when water flow is acknowledged. Pop up sprinklers will make your garden lawn lush and full of life without the equipment being permanently on display.
15m hose is ideal for general cleaning, car washing and daily gardening Strain relief reduces kinking Fittings are durable Hose coils for easy storage
The hand corn seeder cum fertilizer, a planting machine, can plant corn, wheat, soybean, peanut, etc; The hand corn seeder is suitable for the fertilizing and seeding in the corn fields in the plain and hilly areas. •The seeding capacity, seeding row space and the working width is adjustable.
KPI-2 (ISI marked) - Tank Capacity: 20 Litre. - Air chamber capacity: 0.700 L. - Working Pressure: 3. - Max. Pressure: 3.5. - Net Weight: 3.672 kg. - Gross Weight: 4.870 kg. - Packing Size: 220 x 490 x 555.
KPI-1 (ISI marked) - Tank Capacity: 16 Litre. - Air chamber capacity: 0.550 L. - Working Pressure: 3. - Max. Pressure: 3.5. - Net Weight: 4.358 kg. - Gross Weight: 5.890 kg. - Packing Size: 215 x 475 x 545.